Tuesday, November 18, 2008

12 + 25 = 37

I think I like it when Christmas is further away.

Willow and I were driving home from school today and she asked me how many days was it until Christmas. Great opportunity to do some math! Okay, there are twelve days left in November, and Christmas is on the twenty-fifth of December, so:

12 + 25 =



Oh crap.


Bezzie said...

And cosmic that Christmas IS 12/25!

YOu're preaching to the choir!

tara said...

Yah, I am already behind on the handmade gifts for the girls.

Beverly said...

Oh crap indeed!

Anonymous said...

SH*!#@T Don't put it like that Jo, it doesn't sound good, next month sounds better!Jaimes

Shan said...

I know....Jeepers, where did 2008 go? I'm so, so unready.

Nell said...

Yeah- I live in Denialville. Please, No Reminding.

kemtee said...

Crap indeed. And I'm already in trouble with the elves and fairies union.