Wednesday, May 06, 2009

WiP It Wednesday

There you go... a sock and a fifth? This Ampersand pattern knits up exceptionally fast (I think the sport weight yarn helps as well), so I hope to finish this pair soon so I can dig into something from my MDSW stash.

Ampersand socks

I forgot to include this yarn in my Rehoboth Beach post a few days back. There is a new yarn store in Rehoboth called Kitschy Stitch, in a very cute Cape Code house off of Rehoboth Avenue. If you are walking away from the beach on the right side of the street, Lake Avenue is the street where Starbucks is - turn left just before the Starbucks and it is the second or third house on your left. Allison was very nice and she chatted with Andrew (and while Willow pulled out *all* of her son's toys) while I searched for yarn. I will definitely stop here again on our next trip down to the beach.


And some non-knitting WiPs: the plants I haven't been able to transplant because the weather has been so wet and dreary lately:


While I was taking these pictures I was surprised to hear a lawnmower outside - it isn't raining at the moment, but this afternoon has been the only break in about 4 days of constant drizzle. The guy behind us was mowing his lawn - and can you see the massive machine he is straddling?!!? Someone has issues. That side of the street has long front yards and short backyards (ours is the opposite) - so his backyard can't be more than 20' X 40'.



kitschystitch said...

Wow! Thanks for the word of mouth! I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one with poor little plants busting out of their pots waiting for a new home. (Yours look much nicer than mine though.) Boo on the rain!

Teri said...

Love the tiara. I have the same one at workfor when I have to make guiltless executive decisions.

Zonda said...

Those socks are looking good! :) Pretty yarn! Hope it dries up soon so you can plant!

tara said...

Is that guy standing on a riding mower?
Love the green and the tops of the red/pink socks. Looks fancy