Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday Wrap-Up

Sorry for the long delay! When you have four adults who all use computers heavily in one house, and only one computer to go around...

Mom and Dad flew back to Canada today and we will miss them terribly - especially Willow. It hasn't started yet, but I suspect the waterworks are going to open up right before bedtime. We had a wonderful time while they were here - for the most part the weather cooperated, and Mom and Dad did a lot of independent exploring while Andrew and I were at work.

Last weekend we drove down to Rehoboth Beach so Mom and Dad could see the Atlantic Ocean:


Dad can now say he has been on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean (England and Delaware) and Pacific Ocean (Vancouver Island and Japan). The weather was pretty nice - it was cloudy and windy, but about 78'F. Check out this sky:


Luckily, the heavy rain managed to hold off until we were on our way home. There was a greyhound adoption conference going on while we were down there, and there were gazillions of greyhounds about. Rehoboth is normally a very dog-friendly place, but there were so many greyhounds around that it became odd to see a terrier or pug walk down the street!

Willow lost another tooth - the day after her first one came out:


(and another one came out this afternoon - the Tooth Fairy is going to have to take out a loan if this keeps up at this pace!)

I even managed to finish some stuff while they were here - the Cucumber Socks:


I loooove these socks, and they fit me perfectly. I will be washing these socks this week and bringing them with me to Stitches next weekend. I have almost finished my hoodie vest for the trip as well - all that I have left is the button band and we are good to go. Pictures soon!


Batty said...

Love those socks! Great color. Very intense.

So what's the going rate for the Tooth Fairy these days? Is it still a quarter?

Bezzie said...

busy!!!!! i love that your dad has seen both side of the atlantic and pacific...

kemtee said...

Yay for mom & Dad visits. And great socks. And lost teeth. She's up on HSH now, if she's counting….

(Word verification: ningly. A state of ning? Hmm.)