Friday, January 01, 2010

Perseverance and Challenges


Okay, I forgot to take pictures today - so enjoy this latte art instead. My friends and I meet twice a week at a local coffee house, and the baristas are always trying to out-do each other with their latte art. I had a cool one once that has a leaf like the one above - but it was within a heart... and unfortunately, I couldn't document it because I didn't have my camera with me.

Which brings me to the title of this post - Perseverance and Challenges.

I hate the word 'resolution' - I think it has lost some of its meaning and has become something unrealistic and something people only pay lip service to. I like challenge and perserverance better - both things I feel I have more control over.

In 2010, I persevere
  • To continue working on my health, by eating better, exercising frequently, and having a positive self-image.  In 2009 I managed to lose 40 pounds, and I am very happy with that. 
In 2010, I challenge myself to
  • Take better pictures.  Most of the time when I take pictures, they are rushed affairs, just me trying to take a snapshot so I can get a blog post up.  Some blogs I read have absolutely beautiful photography and I am horribly jealous.
  • Keep on top of my finished objects.  You probably think I don't knit that much (and Andrew and Willow will tell you very differently) by the amount of finished objects I post.  Hell, I finished my cabled vest before I went to Stitches East in October and I still haven't taken pictures of myself in it yet.
  • Read at least one non-fiction book a month.  This one will make my father-in-law happy - I know he just shakes his head at all the sci-fi and romance novels I read. *NOT* that there is anything wrong with those kinds of books - I am a grown up and I can read whatever on earth I please - but I am feeling the need to branch out. 
  • Finish 12 Christmas presents throughout the course of the year.  This may be by knitting or using my nascent sewing skills - or perhaps something else altogether - but I really like the idea of making at least some of my Christmas presents.
Happy New Year! 


cpurl17 said...

I think your photos are quite lovely!

Happy New Year!!

Zonda said...

I do too! Especially the flower ones! :) Great goals!

tara said...

I dont like the word resolution either. Maybe thats why I dont like to make any. But challenge I can handle.
That makes it sound fun. Good luck.

kemtee said...

Girlfriend, you can do anything you wanna do. Just make it a happy one!

Batty said...

Hey, want to do a non-fiction readalong? I need to read some too (in addition to work stuff... but I doubt that many people want to read programming/computer/knowledge architecture books for fun).

Oh, and there's nothing wrong with your pictures. : )

Bezzie said...

As much as I rib Dr. MS for his "pulp fiction" reading (scifi and John-Grisham-more-lawyer-crap-esque novels...) reading IS reading! Which is more than A LOT of people can say, sadly!