Thursday, July 07, 2011

Piper vs Sweet Potatoes

How do you really feel about sweet potatoes, Piper?!!? The funny thing is she had eaten them a few times previously with no problems... but apparently she was having a 'I don't want sweet potatoes' night this time. She makes this extreme raspberry face at me to let me know she is displeased with me.


Pictures on the blog are going to be sporadic for a week or so - our home computer died last weekend, so I am limited to blogging from my netbook. It's a sweet little machine, but is slow to download pics and videos off my computer, then even slower to upload to Flickr. And while I'm on the subject of Flickr, thank they ever-loving goodness for it! We lost *everything* on our computer - but at least all my pictures and videos are uploaded onto Flickr. I have lost a few downloaded patterns I had bought from Ravelry, but I think there is a way for me to recover those from Ravelry. Let this be a lesson - keep your Norton, McAfee, whatever security software you use, up-to-date - because malware and viruses can completely destroy your machine.


Mel R said...

LOL That's funny. B would only eat two flavors of baby food and one of them was sweet potatoes!

Kaye said...

Ha ha! Too cute!
Just wait, now when I tell Moochie "No" to something--he raspberries me!
And your computer dying reason is how I justify a yearly flickr account every year! Been there, done that!