Sunday, September 02, 2012

Arden Fair 2012

Piper, Willow, and I went to the 105th Annual Arden Fair yesterday, and it was a beautiful day for it. Andrew wasn't able to come with us because he had to help his Dad with a project, and I was a bit apprehensive on how I was going to manage Piper and all her gear. Willow is a great help, but you have to park at Hanby Camp and catch a school bus to the Arden Fair - which means lugging the monster stroller, diaper bag, and Piper up and down the bus stairs, maneuvering over people...


I'm happy to say that there were some really nice people on the bus. One lady in particular - she came out of the bus, got the stroller for me, carried it on, and kept it beside her on the bus at the front so I wouldn't have to carry it to the back. When we arrived at the fair, she was the first one off the bus, and she set up the stroller and waited for us to get off so we could get Piper in it. Thank you for the kindness of strangers!

We arrived at the Fair right when it opened, and the first thing I did was buy my large bag of Kettle Corn. It's delicious, and they make it there for you! Normally I get the Kettle corn on the way out, but then you always have to wait in line with all the other people who are thinking the same thing.

We walked around a bit and checked out the different vendors (everything from food to tie-dyed clothing to herbal stuff to art to dolls - there is even an antiques section) and then went to the midway to go on some rides. Now, the truth be told, Willow is getting too big to go on these rides, but being the best big sister in the world, she folded herself into small places went on these rides with Piper.

They went on the Thomas the Tank Engine ride:

Piper and Willow Arden Fair 1

The Rocket Ship ride:

Piper and Willow Arden Fair 2

And then, since it wasn't crowded yet, Piper and Willow went on the swings. I wasn't sure what to expect - Willow at this age was terrified of swings, but Piper is apparently a speed demon.

Piper at Arden Fair

Excuse the quality of the above photos - I forgot my snazzy cameras when we went to the fair, so I was limited to my cell phone.

We also bought some stuff from the vendors - here is our loot:


Piper bought a fleece skirt, Willow bought a pretty hairband, and (no surprise!), I bought yarn. Now I just need to find something I can knit with 150 yards of DK weight handspun. We left the fair just before noon, and so probably missed most of the crowds, and that was fine by me. I wouldn't want to do this again without another adult around, but I'm glad that with some help of some strangers we were able to manage the bus situation with all the toddler equipment.


My Dad has been hassling me about not updating the blog frequently. I know I haven't done my vacation recap yet, either - but that one is taking some thinking through since I have 100+ photos to choose from. But the truth is blogging hasn't been terribly rewarding of late. In my last 8 blogposts, I have had 5 comments. Total. I get much more of a reaction from people when I post my content on Facebook. I honestly don't know if people just don't read blogs much anymore - or whether it is just my former steady stream of readers, like me, have grown up in the last 8 years or so and blogging doesn't have a place in their lives anymore. I don't know what the solution is... but I think in the meantime my Dad needs to set himself up with a Facebook account so he can see the almost daily pics I post of the girls.


mom said...

I comment....sometimes I write something and then when I try to decipher the words - it's impossible!!! Here goes another try... 1st word is easy...2nd word - besides being blurred - the first letter is either a d, a or ek....
Love & Hugs

Ginger said...

Just wanted to let you know that I read your blog; I'm just not one to comment usually. As a new mom and a knitter I really enjoy the blogs of both moms and knitters and especially moms who are knitters! But I do understand not having time to blog regularly, these days I'm lucky to have time to knit at all.

Zonda said...

I'm always catching up, but I don't get many comments either. I'm not into linking my blog with FB though. Personal preference for me.

Sounds like a lovely day :) Cute little skirt too. Hmmm...maybe some armwarmers/mitts/wristwarmers? or yeah, a hat ;)

Megan said...

I check all the time but I don't comment very often.

I can't believe how big the girls are getting! Looks like they had a great time!

turtlegirl76 said...

I read! I don't often click through my flip board app to comment but I read! I have the same thoughts though.

M. A. R. said...

I know what you mean. Blogging just doesn't hold my interest much any more. I made mine private and decided to retire it. I keep thinking of making a new one but then just can't seem to muster up the motivation.