Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Better Finished Object Post - Nichole Cardi

This is not a new finished object. In fact, this is a sweater that I completed back in May - but at that time, it ws much too hot to wear, and it was a bit too big for Piper. So, it was washed and folded, and put away for a cooler day.


Well, that day was today!

Piper telling me that Merlin (our neighbour's great dane) is barking.

I'm actually accomplishing two things here - taking better pictures of Sam's great sweater pattern, and playing with my new camera! Andrew gave me a Canon Rebel EOS T3i DSLR - this was my anniversary, birthday, and Christmas present all wrapped in one. Oh, I love it :)

Watch me climb the stairs!


Dog dog! (The playground is near the dogpark and there are always dogs walking by.)

See see! (There was an airplane in the sky.)

I love swings!

November with girls
Me and my beautiful girls.

If you would like to see my original blogpost about this sweater, you can follow this link. If you would like to find the pattern on Ravelry, it is called the Nichole Cardi and it is a great, quick knit.


Megan said...

She is SO cute! It seems like her hair has really grown too!
Great job with the cardi!

mom said...

Lucky you!! and my 3 beautiful girls!!
Love & Hugs

Mel R. said...

Love it and that first pic is just so cute! She looks like a model.