Friday, August 09, 2013

Holy Noodle

When I was growing up, my Mom had a few different containers for pasta - in truth, I think they were old ice cream containers or maybe mayonnaise jars re-purposed to hold noodles, but they were categorized by how long they took to cook.  There was a 6-7 minute jar, a 8-9 minutes jar, and I think a third for those noodles that took longer to cook.  When Mom would make homemade macaroni and cheese (and believe me when I say my Mom makes damned good macaroni and cheese!), she would just scoop out of one of the jars, and we would get a mixture of penne and spiral noodles and sometimes just straight up elbow macaroni.

I think I need to follow her lead here.

Piper was taking forever to eat her dinner tonight, so I wandered into the kitchen, putting stuff away, picking stuff off the floor, etc. I noticed my sugar jar was empty, so I went to the pantry to get the sugar bin to fill it.  That led to me cleaning up the pantry.  In the end, after purging a bunch of stuff way beyond its best before date, I had 17 different boxes and packages of pasta.


Clearly, I need help.  Penne - three or four different kinds.  High protein, white fiber, mini penne. Pastini. Whole wheat orzo. Shells.  Moscatelli.  Rigatoni.  Spirals.  Linguine, thin spaghetti, angel hair pasta.  These cool noodles I got from Whole Foods that look like long skinny lasagna noodles, but you eat them like linguine.

Guess what I am buying the next time I go to Target?

I think a couple of these should do me.  And I can finally consolidate some space in my not-terribly-spacious pantry cupboard.

And apparently I secretly want to pair these noodles with curry, because I had no less than 8 different kinds of curry in the cupboard, from Japanese curry roux to different kinds of simmer sauces to Punjabi curried eggplant mix.

And we are not even going to talk about the chocolate.


mom said...

more & more like mommy.....
love & hugs
only a little more than a week left!!!!

kemtee said...

As a proud descendant of Italians, I see nothing wrong with the contents of your cabinet. :-)

Mel said...

Pasta and curry! Yum! We cut back on buying pasta at the beginning of the year when we went gluten free for a few months but we still end up with quite a bit of it. I seem to accumulate a lot of rice...plain rice in bags in various types like brown, white, 5 minute, jasmine, etc...boxed flavored mixes, etc. I always have way too much.

kimbacaffeinate said...

I have pasta in all shapes and forms in jars in my cabinet.