Sunday, December 15, 2013

Ornament Painting Party

I keep a Pinterest board for Willow, and it is a hodgepodge of gift ideas, craft ideas, or just cute things I think she might like. A while back, I pinned this pin on painting glass ornaments as a possible craft idea for her. We invited her friends over, and had a ornament painting party this afternoon after the girls came back from watching Frozen. It wasn't an expensive craft - the glass balls were normally $5.99 for a half dozen, and I had bought 2 packages plus a few bottles of acrylic pain with my 40% off coupon on Black Friday a few weeks back - so I don't think the entire project even hit $10-12 for everything. Amanda's mom supplied the ribbon, so we were all set. Here are some examples of our handiwork:

  Jo's Ornament A

Amanda's Best Ornament

Sara's Best Ornament

Willow's Best Ornament

Jo's Ornament B

Jo's Ornament C

 One of my friends who had done this craft previously suggested using the little coffee stirrer/straws to help guide the paint, and that helped immensely. Also, you have to use a lot more paint than the blog post I originally saw this on indicated if you wanted the paint to move inside the ball. I would love to try this craft again. I wasn't able to replicate the color striations in the originally pin, and I would love to try other techniques.  All in all, this was a great craft for 11 year old girls.

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