Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Almost finished!

Well, I did finish *knitting* my Sweetness sweater last night... at, uh, sometime around midnight. I couldn't just put it down when I was just a round or two from binding off the neckline! So, tonight at my SnB all I have to do is weave in some ends and kitchener stitch up the open areas under the arms. Not that it will be cool enough anytime soon to wear it, though! While in the finishing stretch of knitting last night, I caught the extended weather forecast - and it isn't supposed to get under 80'F for the next 10 days. Autumn will come - I keep on telling myself that...

Now, I do have one conundrum about the sweater - I knit it from Lion Brand Homespun - and it seems the general consensus is that the yarn spreads after a while, creating a looser weave. I have no problem with that - but my concern is the neckline of the sweater. I decided to go with the boatneck rather than the mock turtleneck - and as it stands the neckline comes within two inches on each side of my shoulders. What is the best way to to close the neckline a bit to prevent it from becoming an unwanted Flash-dance style off-the-shoulder type sweater someday?


mom said...

Get some elastic thread and weave it into the wrong side of your stitches....you can also get the invisible elastic thread and use 1 strand of that while you are knitting the neckband.

Anonymous said...

You could also do a couple rows of crochet around the neckline to keep it solid, when the sweater is complete.
-your SP