Thursday, September 08, 2005

My Knitty SP5 Spoils Me!

From Knitty SP5 Posted by Picasa

Look at all this cool stuff! Simply Knitting is a British knitting magazine and there are some cool kids' patterns in there as well as the lovely shawl on the cover. And then there is the *book*! It's a top town pattern book for kids - Willow will get sweaters after all! The goodies are a bit hard to make out in the picture, but there is a chocolate bar, a chocolate-covered caramel and my all-time fave (I don't even think I mentioned this anywhere, even!) milk chocolate-covered graham crackers from Starbucks! On the left there is some lovely green-toned stationary - I'm going to love writing on that... everything is topped off by a lovely book-themed postcard - SP - how did you know that is what my bedside shelf looks like?!?!

On another Knitty note, the fall issue is up! See to find out - there are already two things I want to make - Samus and Leaves in Relief...

Oh... and I finished knitting my Clapotis last night... at 1:30am. Shh... don't tell my husband. I still have to weave in ends, wash, and block - but the knitting is DONE!


Anonymous said...

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Ter-Bear said...

Ah! Spammed again! How sad is that??

Getting gifts is always great! Especially when it is from someone who understands your interests!!!

I won't tell your husband... but maybe you should let him get some of his *favorite things* too (you know what I'm talking about!)?? So that he can stay up til 1:30!!

Jo said...

Gack! I wish there was a way to delete stupid comments. I would hate to have to restrict comments - but this is cheesing me off.

Michelle said...

Hi Jo! Just wanted to say hi! Enjoy your trip!!