Saturday, May 06, 2006

Rhododendrons and Azaleas Galore!

I wasn't kidding when I said that every week or so there is a different rhododendron or azalea blooming in the yard - here are some more examples.

A rhododendron along the driveway. This is another one with huge flowers - about the size of teacup saucers.

A pink azalea with yellow flame in the middle along the back of the house. This one is highly scented:

Another pretty scented azalea - this one a gorgeous dark coral with yellow in the middle:

I love this picture against the sky! I am getting better at the different fidgety controls on my digital camera. This is a pink and yellow rhodoendron in the backyard.

This is one of my current favourites - a dark crimson rhododendron along the side of the house. The flowers on this one are very waxy and unlike any of the other rhododendrons I have seen in the yard:

And its next plot neighbour, a vanilla-white rhododendron:

A pink and yellow azalea in the front with some columbines starting to poke their way up:

This is another one of my all-over favourite azaleas - rose/coral pink in the middle and white on the outsides:

I seem to have a lot of azaleas with yellow in the middle right now - and yes, they are all separate varieties:

A sunny orange rhododendron along the driveway - and this one is almost the exact colour of Plus One's Tangerine Dream:

I also received my Project Colorswap Green package today from Erin [ ] but the picture I took of it got washed out (so, I haven't perfected my use of said fidgety controls yet), so I will take another tomorrow and post it. Hopefully the Tobelorone will make it to tomorrow's photo session...



Your garden is making me very jealous my dear, All I have growing is a few pots of damp herbs! It is raining here again after an all too brief couple of days of sunshine.

But what I really want to know is - have you tried your Marmite and HP sauce yet? Don't forget to post your marmite experiences (good or bad) here:

Jo said...


I'm sorry to say it isn't my garden but my father-in-law's garden... I just take the pictures. We have broken out the HP sauce... but not the Marmite yet :) I haven't seen that topic yet on Knitty - I will go check it out.


Bron said... put my one little rose to shame! (Although I promise there will be more. ::wink::) Absolutely, flat out, gorgeous pics! Please tell your father-in-law how much I enjoy seeing all his flowers. :)

Sarah said...

Wow. Gorgeous flowers. Make sme want to get the heck out of my cubicle and go outside.