Friday, May 05, 2006

Spring is for Pretty Toes

It's getting warm enough here to warrant wearing sandals every day, so I treated myself to a spa pedicure this afternoon. Usually Willow is happy bring a book or two and sitting in the chair next to me... but not today. Today she was the clingy, Mama-mama-mama, weepy toddler that I always seem to think she has outgrown and insisted on sitting on my lap while the nice lady exfoliated, trimmed, scrubbed, shaped, anointed, and painted my toes. It was not easy trying to balance her on my lap (she is nearly 40 inches tall now and all legs) and pay attention to where the aesthetician wanted my feet to be, but we managed. Toward the end, Willow whispered to me, "Mama, I want my toes painted too." I told her she had to ask the lady, and said lady said it was fine. So, while I was under the drying lamp, Willow was still in the massage chair getting the star treatment. About ten minutes later the aesthetician comes out holding Willow in her arms and Willow has the same polish as me... with little daisies painted on her big toes! The aesthetician didn't charge us for Willow's treatment, so I left her an extra big tip - and Willow is the happiest girl in the world.

I'm not so happy... I'm going to miss the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival [ ] due to my own stupidity! For some reason I thought it was next weekend (May 13 - 14th) and had made arrangements to not see houses, not work, not do anything so I could go to this festival. Imagine my shock when I was reading Lolly's blog [ ] this afternoon and see the dates of the festival are *this* weekend. So, my own fault - so I look into when the New Jersey Sheep and Wool Festival [ ] is to make plans to attend that one is... only to find out that it has been cancelled! Delaware doesn't have a sheep and wool festival - we're known for our chickens and chemicals - not wool. The closest ones now are either Rheinbeck or one down in southern Virginia. Bah!

Well, at least I have pretty toes.


Me said...

your lucky girl!!!!

bummer about the sheep festival thing.

AlbinoFlea said...

In September there's the PA Endless Mountains Fiber Festival in Harford:

Closer than Rhinebeck at least...

feetman78 said...

yes...pretty toes.