Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I try... I really do!

People tell me all the time that Willow should be a model. I admit, the kid is pretty damn cute... but is so damn mercurial that it is nearly impossible to get a decent picture of her without someone (usually me) completely losing his/her cool.

Exhibits 1 - 4: Jo's Birthday pictures

Okay, the first one was a positioning error on my part. It was my 30-somethingth birthday yesterday and I wanted to have a nice picture of Willow and me to put up on the blog. No such luck. Just look at the face she is making in that last picture!

Exhibits 5 - 7: Angel Secret Pal Goodies:

My Knitty Secret Pal from Round 7 disappeared somewhere and the lovely SP Gourdesses had someone provide me with an Angel package in place of the last one I never received. My Angel SP included a package for Willow with a Hello Kitty bag, Mickey Mouse book and colouring book, crayons, Hello Kitty jewelry and hairclips - all the little things a four-year-old girl loves. Angel SP - thank you for thinking of Willow - she loves all the goodies inside.

Now onto my goodies !

Two skeins of KnitPicks Sock Landscapes in New England (think fall foliage), two skeins of oh-so-lovely-soft silk-merino in crimson, a bright and sunny Manos du Uruguay in blues and greens (it reminds me of the ocean!), two size 2 - 24" Addis to try knitting socks on two circulars, some really funny bookmarks (Blah, blah, blah!), licorice allsorts (oh, my DH ain't gonna kiss me tonight!), and a Kermit notepad. Angel SP, I love how you read my questionnaire and picked these things out! I am so like Kermit when he loses it ;)

I decided last night that sleep was extraneous and finished two charity projects. The hat on Willow's head is knit from Cascade Quattro - the leftovers from the Clapotis I finished last year (and threatened to frog a few months back). The mittens are knit from some Knitpicks Wool of the Andes that Teri and I dyed with koolaid two summers back:

There is still enough leftover of both yarn to make something else with as well. The hat is destined for Dulaan and the mittens for Lynne's Mitten project (see both button links on the right bar). That makes 3 items finished for Dulaan, and only two remaining to meet my pledge.

I love how the hat swirls up - you can't see too much too much of it in my crappy photography. The colour is great, too - it's four different colours mixed together and reminds me of strawberries.

Coming up soon: Sheetal's letter meme...


Jaimes said...

Can you hear me I'm singing " Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Jo, Happy Birthday to you!! And many more....." Love you Jo, hope that you had a good one!

tara said...

maybe you should be the model. a perfect shot everytime. Mia is super cute too but somehow unphotogenic. Maybe it is a phase.

Batty said...

Great package! And a happy Birthday to you.

You are both as cute as they come.

turtlegirl76 said...

I was out of town and missed your actual b-day. =( I'm sorry. Glad you got your Angel package in time for it though!