Sunday, November 19, 2006


I was browsing through different blogs on the Knitting Blogs webring earlier this week and found this interesting meme on Sheetal's website. The purpose of this meme is to take the letter assigned to you by the previous person (in this case, Sheetal) and come up with a list of 10 words that begin with that letter and describe what that word means to you. Sheetal gave me letter 'R.'

1. Rambunctious - I'm beginning to think that word is synonymous with 'Willow.' She just doesn't slow down.

2. Roast Beef - Oh, I can't help it! Even though we didn't end up eating it tonight because we had such a big lunch at P.F. Chang's today with Asami, Gara, and Ray - I still had to cook the roast I had defrosted so my place smells deliciously like roast beef right now.

3. Radio - I listen to WMMR in the morning, more specifically to the Preston and Steve morning show. They are so bloody hilarious - once I even laughed so hard on my way to work I sprayed my coffee all over my steering wheel and dashboard.

4. Reality TV - I just don't get it. I mean, I like American Idol, but I never got into the myriad of other reality TV shows. I *like* following a storyline when I watch TV...

5. Romance Novels - especially sci-fi and paranormal ones - I love 'em. That isn't to say I don't read more serious non-fiction and literature (I am a big history buff) - but sci-fi romances are definitely a guilty pleasure of mine.

6. Run - I can't do it. I tore the cartilage out of my left knee when I was 18 years old and ruined any (okay, non-existant) dreams I ever had of running a marathon.

7. Raspberry - I grew up in the raspberry capital of North America and picked raspberries for a few summers as a teenager. Boring work and hard on your feet. As a result, I can't say I'm really keen on raspberries anymore.

8. Rhubarb - Now this, on the other hand, I looooooooooooooove! I love its tartness, how it works together so well with other fruits, how it grows back year after year after year! Rhubarb Apple Crisp with vanilla ice cream is one of my all-time favourite desserts.

9. Red - One of my favourite colours. It's funny - when we were little, someone assigned my sisters and I each a colour - me red, Teri green, and Jaime blue. We would frequently get the same presents for Christmas, but in our individual colours to differentiate them. I somehow rebelled against red and for the longest time (really, the better part of 10 years) only wanted to wear green. Now I find that more and more red is finding its way into my wardrobe... insidious, isn't it? Whoever chose that colour for me in the beginning must have known what they were doing.

10. Rehoboth Beach - Rehoboth Beach is a touristy town south of here, very near to the southern Delaware / Maryland border. We have been down here a few times now, but only ever in the off-season and I love it. There is a long boardwalk to stroll on, neat restaurants, pretty shells, nice sand... Andrew and I would love to have a home down there (yes, right after we win the Powerball lottery...)

Okay, this is a self-induced meme - I'm not going to tag any of you. If you think this is something you would like to do, leave me a note in the blog comments and I will assign you a letter.


Jaimes said...

Assign a letter I can ramble.

Lisa said...


That is funny, I grew up in the raspberry capital of North America and spent many summers picking and eating berries (not many went into the flat so I didn't really make a lot of money) but I absolutely love raspberries. They remind me of being young in the summer. I also love blackberries for the same reason.
Also, it is really strange how many "red" loving friends I have. (I do remember you in your green phase.) But now, it seems my closest friends are lovers of the colour red.

Are you around at Christmas??

Jo said...

Jaime - I give you S :)

tara said...

Yup, you did wear alot of green but looked great in it. A letter for me too please.

Jessica said...

ooh, can I have a letter? :)

Jo said...


Your letter is N. I tried to email you but wasn't able to.


Jaimes said...

Check mine out @ my letter was "s"