Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sunday Night Wrap Up


It's late on a Sunday night, but my Dad is hassling me about not updating my blog. My apologies - it has been a busy week between Willow finishing Kindergarten, the suffocating heat, work events, and everything else. And I didn't even get my book report up last week and trust me, I had a good one. I will catch up - I just need a few more hours in the day.

On Thursday afternoon I travelled to Philadelphia on a work-sponsored event to see the Phillies play the Cincinnati Reds. We won! I'm excited about this because the games I end up seeing tend to be at the other end of the spectrum. This was the first time I have ever sat on the third base line, and I can't say I care for it.

I like looking up at the score board and it was nearly impossible from the angle I was sitting at. I had to crank my head to the left, and even then the stupid yellow fair/foul pole blocked the strike count:

Apparently it was the shortest Phillies game on record - a little less than two hours. We got to see some cool plays - like the Reds' left fielder who dropped Jimmy Rollins' pop fly - that was only about 20 feet in front of us. After so many years of softball, I could hear in my head what my coach would have said if that had been me - "TWO HANDS!"

I've also been doing some gardening - we have started to pick strawberries - those we get to before the slugs, in any case. People have been telling me to put down a tray of beer to drown the slugs, but I don't have a container small and shallow enough (remember, my strawberries are in planters).

Here are a few I picked for Willow this morning. Excuse my dirty window sill - I need to get out there with some Lysol. And yes, dirt and all - my MIL tells me you don't wash them if you want them to ripen some more off the plant.

We have also had swimming lessons - and Willow has passed from Advanced Eel to Ray in the swim program. This will be her last session in the preschool swim classes - once she turns six she moves up into the Youth group and that worries me a bit because she is small and the Youth class can have kids from 6 - 13. She ran into this problem before when she moved up to a more advanced class - the kids were so much bigger than her that they were swimming circles around her.

She loves being in the water, however - and I keep telling her that practice makes perfect. She is too much like me at times, though - she wants it to be perfect now.


Nell said...

I heard someone say they use pie pans with beer in them for slugs. But who knows if that would work with pots.

IrishgirlieKnits said...

Sounds like a busy week!! Fun game! Yay for strawberries !

Willow is going to have a fun summer those goggles!

Disco said...

THAT'S what I should've planted - strawberries. Maybe there's still time.

No suggestions on the slugs I'm afraid. You know I'm useless with the garden pests too ;0)

Congrats to Willow on completing Kindergarten and being an ace swimmer :0)

Bezzie said...

Yum! Strawberries!

Advanced Eel? I love that title. I would keep it no matter how far I advanced!

Lee said...

I wish I had planted strawberries, too! Sigh. Too late now. It's hot enough in TX that everything is starting to die back.

For the slugs: you could also try putting a plate under your pot. Then draw a salt circle around the pot. That way you don't have to waste good beer on slugs!

Mom said...

try coffee grounds - they say slugs don't like to crawl(?) over them.
Love & Hugs

kemtee said...

Okay, Willow -- HSH is starting her Eel class next week. Can she get pointers from you if she needs help?