Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Take Five Tuesday

I'm a lazy blogger today - I found this at Take5 Tuesday:

5 of your favorite cookies (or cookie recipes):
- Nanaimo Bars
- Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies (not with raisins!)
- Peanut Butter Cookies with Peanut Butter Chips
- Sugar Cookies
- Lemon Bars

5 things you’re afraid of:
- Snakes
- Spiders
- Slugs
- Being alone at night
- Flying over deep water

5 things you would like to learn:
- To knit socks toe-up
- To speak Japanese better (I am so out of practice)
- To cook a great stir-fry
- To drive on the freeway without getting anxious
- How to do more creative things on my blog

5 things you wanted to accomplish at the beginning of the year, but you haven’t yet done (if you have 5):
- Knit a sweater for Willow
- Read 100 books for the year (I'm trucking along)
- Lose weight (trucking along with that, too)
- Get the fan installed in the bathroom and re-paint it
- Get rid of some bushes on our property (I hate boxwood!)

5 of your favorite things to do during the summer:
- Read books in the lovely air-conditioning
- Gardening
- Taking day trips
- Watching summer storms
- Barbeque (yes, I'm spelling it like a Canadian!)


Tez Miller said...

What the feckington, Canadians? I'm Australian, so Canucks and I should be on the same level. It should be either barbecue, or you shorten it to BBQ. Or barbie ;-) But barbeque? Damn you, Canadians; I thought you were smart! ;-)

Have a lovely day! :-)

Bezzie said...

See, but you ARE Canadian. It drives me effin' nuts when Americans insist on European/Canadian spellings. "Mr Brown hated that his last name was also a colour. He could not change this behaviour." If you're not from Canada/Europe then you're a poser in my opinion spelling things that way.

Wow. That was quite the outburst wasn't it? Ha ha!

tara said...

There is an American way of spelling barbeque? I've lived in the US 8 years and never noticed.

Nell said...

Yummmm..... BBQ. (abbreviated to avoid any spelling controversy!)

Shan said...

Yeah I go with barbecue...I'm not sure about the American spelling.


Lee said...

Got me thinking about words again. Barbeque (although my spelling checker wants me to spell it barbecue seems to be the most prevalent spelling in Texas these days, along with BBQ. From my childhood, I remember many signs using the Bar-B-Q variant, probably because it looks like a cattle brand. The brand would be —BQ, kinda like the current Bar X Ranch brand —X. For a fascinating history of the word see World Wide Words.