Friday, October 10, 2008

Finished Object At The Farm

One secret project revealed!

Ty in his new hat! A few weeks ago my friend Asami asked me to knit her a hat for her son Ray because she couldn't find one she liked for him in the stores. So, I accepted and went a step further - I knit new hats for Ray, his younger brother Ty, Asami herself, and her husband, Gara. And I was knitting them until the last minute - the brown and blue striped one was Asami's and I was weaving in the ends as we waited for her and the boys to arrive at Linvilla Farms.

Willow and some of the multitudes of pumpkins:

(We came home with two - a small one for the front step and a larger one to carve on Halloween.

Willow the witch:

How can you not like a place that has these:

Linvilla is a cool place to go - they have probably twenty different kinds of apples and pears, and at $1.49/pound, cheaper than any commercial grocery store around here. We made out with some Empire apples, red Bosch pears, apple cider donuts, and an orange cheddar spaghetti squash (I'm eager to try that one out!).


tara said...

Cheddar squash? Intriguing. And look at the size of those pumpkins.

Bezzie said...

Such a cute hat and witch!! Hee hee!

Are your apples really that expensive at the store? We found them for $1.50 on the farm and at ShopRite. The ones at the farm are soooo much better though!

Tez Miller said...

Deep-fried, thanks. But then I would've said no to deep-fried ice-cream, had I not tried it at a Vietnamese restaurant ;-)

Have a lovely day! :-)

Penny Karma said...

Deep Fried Oreos are AWESOME, as long as they're not fried in the same grease as the Fried Pickles.

Shan said...

Nice job you!! I love that witch cut-out.

asami said...

Thank you for the nice hats! We all love it and we are very impressed at your talent.

Nell said...

What a perfect Fall day!