Saturday, October 11, 2008

Snow Hill Fiber Fest Roadtrip!

So, what would have me giving up watching Bill Maher on a Friday night and waking up at 6am on a Saturday morning? It must have something to do with yarn, because everyone knows I don't do weekend mornings**.

Andrew dropped me off at Michelle's house at 7am, we picked up her Mom, then headed south down to Maryland to see the Snow Hill Fiber Fest. I wasn't planning to spend big - Stitches East is coming up next month and I need to save my mad money for that - but I had never been south of Ocean City, Maryland before so I was happy to make the trip.

I understand the little fiber fest has doubled in size from last year, and I hope they continue to grow - there were about 20 or so vendors, kids' activities, plus a local church was having a barbeque for anyone wanting food. It was interesting because the vendors ran the gamut from local farms that brought alpacas and sheep to show, quilters, the SCA, and yarn spinners and dyers. The festival was on the banks of the Pokamoke River at Sturgis Park. There was also a Ravelry meetup at 1pm, but we had left to have lunch in Berlin, MD by then.

I have seen llamas and alpacas at festivals before, but this is the first time the farmer would let us touch the animals - these two alpacas are 6 years old and soooo incredibly soft. They were making these little purr-y/growly noises and stood very calmly while people pet them. As far as I can tell the farmer wasn't selling anything, just teaching people about the animals.


I love peppermint soap, and was so happy to see a handcrafted soap stall selling the strongest smelling peppermint soap - they were called Coastal Cottage Soaps. I can't wait to use this soap once my current Peppermint and Rosemary bar from Saltspring Soapworks gets used up. Trust me, this smell is invigorating in the morning!

Peppermint soap

This is the only yarn I bought - it is superwash sock yarn from Crash Into Ewe in the Cherry Chocolate Chip colourway. I was almost seduced by Avocado, but decided I needed some pink and brown socks to wear to work.

Cherry Chocolate Chip Sock Yarn

All in all we had a great, leisurely time. Michelle drove down Rte. 113 which I had never been down before, so it was interesting to see all the little towns I normally miss when we drive down to the beach. We had lunch in a little town called Berlin, MD which (unfortunately for us and the time we had to wait for our lunch) was having a classic souped-up car show on the main drag. I think I would like to go back there when the car show wasn't there because there were plenty of small shops I would have loved to go through if the streets were not so crowded.


** Weekend mornings? I love my husband. Most weekend mornings he wakes up with Willow, the two of them watch cartoons together, and they let me sleep an extra 1 - 2 hours and wake me up with hot coffee and pancakes. I'm a lucky woman!


Bezzie said...

Nice Saturday!!! And I dig that yarn.

Chunky lets Dr. MS and I sleep in--which is nice. The day he started to be able to get his own breakfast was a beautiful day indeed!

IrishgirlieKnits said...

My family knows the only thing that can get me up really really early on a weekend is something yarn related!

Looks like you had a great time! Perfect sock yarn choice!! Love it :)

Life's a Stitch said...

That is an ideal day! I had never heard of peppermint soap, but it sounds so refreshing.

Petunia said...

I think we ALL enjoyed this small, peaceful festival. I couldn't resist the silver-shot yarn from Crash into Ewe!

Nell said...

Love, love, love the llamas!!!