Saturday, December 06, 2008

Tara's Question

Tara asked in the comment section:

Hey, did you add the "books I'm reading" when you changed your layout? I just noticed it. I was wondering why you didn't have one. How is the 100 for 2008?

Glad you asked! I have been trying to update the "Books I'm Reading" section as often as possible, but I miss some of them. I need to finish Krakatoa before the end of the year. I actually was inspired to put his widget on my blog from seeing it on your blog!

And as for the 100 in 2008 challenge, I'm really close! I am not going to give away numbers because I am going to have a blog contest at the end of the year and people can guess how many books I have read and I will have some prizes to give away. I also have this massive spreadsheet that will have statistics galore for those geeky number people (like me) who get off on knowing these things.


Nell said...

Good for you! That's a lot of reading.

tara said...

ehee hee hee. Spreadsheets.
Hmmmm...I will start my math now.

Batty said...

Spreadsheets! They're awesome, I love them! I'm a spreadsheet fanatic. And a book fanatic. Making a spreadsheet about books is perfect.

yarn4kalei said...

I love spreadsheets too! Plus, you are the only other person I know who has read Krakatoa who didn't get the book from me. LOL!