Monday, January 05, 2009

First Knitting Content of the Year!

Aren't these pretty?

Carrie's Bob Cratchits

It's odd working in a large office building - no matter how they regulate it, the heat (or air conditioning, for that matter) is never even. I have a heat vent right above my head and I always feel overheated, but my friend Carrie, who sits less than 6 feet away, is always so cold she keeps a fleece blanket on her chair to wrap around herself. Mid-December Carrie tells me not to give her a Christmas present. Um... too late - I already had the yarn and pattern picked out. So, I respected her wishes and didn't give her a Christmas present. I waited until we all came back to work in the new year, gave her a pink-tissue-wrapped package with 'this is not a Christmas present' written on it in black Sharpie.

Close Up Carrie's mitts


Yarn: Manos Del Uruguay Merino Silk Blend in Woodland (3019), 1 skein. I bought two skeins because I wasn't sure how much yarn I would need (explained below), but there is probably still a third left on the original skein.

Pattern: Men's Wristwarmers by Joelle Hoverson (Rav link) from the book Last Minute Knitted Gifts. Ravelry only shows the women's version, which is quite a bit fussier, so I went with then men's plain version. Carrie has very slender hands and wrists (those are mine above), so I went down from a worsted weight to sport weight, went down a needle size, and didn't worry about gauge (it's all done in 2X2 rib - it's pretty forgiving).

Needles: Susan Boye Size 5 dpns. The pattern calls for 2 8" circulars, but it was just as easy with the dpns.

I really liked these - I had always seen wristwarmers on people's blogs before and thought, "What is the point?" I think I am converted. This was such a simple pattern and the results are gorgeous.

Okay, my Dad may not be as pretty as the wristwarmers, but he is wearing his yearly red hat. To say my Dad has thing for the colour red is an extreme understatement. He has it all from shirts to socks to sweaters... we even looked for red boxers for him for Christmas but couldn't find any in his size. In any case, I knit Dad a new red hat every year, and since he felts it on purpose, I have to knit it a bit on the large size. He's had hats knit from Manos del Uruguay, Malabrigo, Brooks Farm - but his favourite is Indiecita Baby Alpaca Grande.

Dad's hat

Pattern: UPS hat (I printed this off someone's store page a long time ago and have never found it again since). It's a basic 2X2 ribbed hat.

Needles: Knitpicks fixed circulars, size 7

Okay, what do I knit next?!?!


tara said...

Lookin good Mr Patton. I love the wrist warmers.

Teri said...

Daddy and his red hats.... gotta love it!!!! And those wristwarmers are sweet!!

Disco said...

Jo, you are such a sweet person to give your co-worker a 'this is not a Christma' gift. And a gorgeous gift they are.

Your dad looks VERY happy with his hat.

Bezzie said...

Ha ha! Ilove that you wrote "not a Christmas present" on her package! Very nice!

Beverly said...

I love those wristwarmers. I keep meaning to make myself a pair. It can get really cold in our living room, making knitting a little difficult sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the wristwarmers! I've been using child-sized legwarmers at work, but they're too darned tight and not nearly as cute.

kemtee said...

Preeeeetty. Want to sit in the cubicle next to me?

Lee said...

That’s a happy lookin’ man in that red hat.

Zonda said...

Love your Dad's hat, and it looks like he does too! Those wristwarmers are gorgeous! Hehe..I too like the "not a christmas present"

Nell said...

I'm definitely in the "I don't get wrist warmers" camp. But yours are very pretty. And as long as the recipient appreciates and uses them, that's the best thing ever!