Sunday, April 05, 2009

What I Love About Spring


Cherry Blossoms 2009

You know - normally I am not a pink person. Perhaps with the exception of the pajama bottoms I am wearing, I do not own any pink clothes. It is not the first colour I reach for when I knit, either. But there is something about that happy pink colour that bursts out in Spring that makes me smile.

Andrew, Willow, and I went down to the Brandywine Zoo and Josephine Gardens this morning for a long walk up and down the Brandywine River and to see all the cherry blossoms. They aren't at their peak yet - I hope the weather holds up through the week and we can go there again next weekend for a picnic. We would love to have a more traditional Hanami party, but the powers that be here tend to frown on massive amounts of public drinking here in Delaware. Ha! I just read over that Wikipedia entry - it doesn't mention the extreme drinking that goes with many Hanami parties!

Here are some more pictures of the trees:

Josephine Garden B

Josephine Gardens A

Willow at Josephine Gardens

As you can see, almost ready, but not quite.

As we walked up the river path, we saw some Wilmington fire trucks shooting water from their hoses into and over the water.


We weren't sure what they were doing at first - I've never seen them do this, and I thought they maybe had to drain the tanks of the firetruck. I'm showing my ignorance here - do firetrucks even have water tanks? We walked about a half mile past the trucks, crossed over and back on the other side. Andrew noticed they were actually *pulling* water from the river and shooting it out. The crane was going up and down and they were shooting water everywhere - so at that point we figured they must have been training or doing some sort of target practice.

Willow noticed the rainbow first, and insisted I take one more picture for all of you:

Water Rainbow



Teri said...

I'm jealous.

IrishgirlieKnits said...

Its one of my favorite colors in the springtime!! Looks like you all had a beautiful day!!

Disco said...

Not a pink person either, but who can not love those blossoms :0)

kemtee said...

It's serendipity. The PTB knew that that would be the perfect ending to a perfect day, ergo, POOF we make with some firemen doing something to produce a rainbow.

Easy explanations R us at your service.

Bezzie said...

I was just telling my mom that the flowering trees are part of what I love about the Lower 48!

Lee said...

All of the pictures are gorgeous, but that first one is simply stunning.

Zonda said...

Great pictures! I don't know why they do it either, maybe to clear out the tanks...hmmm

Batty said...

That's a lot of pink! Things aren't blooming here yet, so those pictures are nice to see.

freshisle said...

So pretty. What a lovely spring walk.

mom said...

I've got crocuses (i?) blooming....