Friday, April 03, 2009

Wait - What day is it again?

Sorry - this whole week has been a bit of a blur.

I was all ready for WIP It Wednesday, had my picture for the blog post and everything...

Laptop bag to be

Here's my latest WIP (and no, Teri - I don't have any finished objects to show you). It's going to be a felted laptop bag for work in three shades of green. Let's see - it's Cascade 220 on size 9 Knitpick circulars. I'm not using a pattern and am making it up as I go along. I have to take my laptop to meetings on a frequent basis and I have a monstrous laptop rolling case. I am not kidding - I asked for a slim case, but apparently the manufacturer did not make that anymore so I got a frackin' behemoth that has a suitcase attached. I KID YOU NOT! I just want a bag to carry my laptop, the associated cords, and whatever file I need.

I also took some pictures of my nascent greenery outside before the rains came in at the end of the week.

Here is Willow with one of the daffodils. I am not sure what she is doing with her right hand.

Willow daffodil

My strawberry plants came back!


And here is my brand new rhubarb:

growing rhubarb

Someone at work was selling a few different varieties of fruits and bushes, and I picked up two different rhubarb plants from him. Now that I have a full-size freezer, I anticipate saving lots of rhubarb for when it is not in season!


Batty said...

I love felted laptop cases, but I'm always worried about fuzz getting into the sockets. Maybe I'm just paranoid, though. I sure would like a nice laptop bag too... I bought one at the LL Bean outlet for $25 and I love it. The enormous monster the firm gave me for my work computer is heavier than the darn laptop! One trip with that monstrosity was enough to convince me that a new bag was in order.

Bezzie said...

Are you going to keep the rhubarb in the pot? All the rhubarb plants I've ever seen get really ginormous so I don't know if a pot would work. But I'm also basing this on my experience with Alaskan rhubarb--which might grow bigger (??).
I'm planning on starting my seeds next weekend--I feel like I'm falling behind!

Life's a Stitch said...

She's getting the sun out of her eyes? My second daughter, born in BC, always hated the bright sunshine. So nice to see daffs, flowes that normally bloom here in Feb are just popping this weekend.

Disco said...

mmmm, rhubarb crumble is one of my favourite ever puddings :0)