Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Vacation Snapshots - Honeymoon Bay

Riding in the firetruck:

Jo's 2009 Vacation 057

Everyone with Papa:

Jo's 2009 Vacation 071

Everyone (except me) into the lake:

Jo's 2009 Vacation 074

Dharma's favourite place to be:

Jo's 2009 Vacation 079

Blackberries everywhere - along the side of the road, in people's fences, all ready for snacking:

Jo's 2009 Vacation 073

Time with the cousins:

Jo's 2009 Vacation 067


If you haven't been following on Facebook, I got sick within a day or two of being here - fever, chills, impaired breathing, nasty cough. I went to the clinic today and was diagnosed with bronchitis. So, now I have some horse pill antibiotics and I hope to start feeling better soon. I did not intend to spend my vacation sick in bed - even if it is a place as nice as Vancouver Island!


Megan said...

Gosh, Dharma is looking so big now!! Even from just seeing her this spring!

mmm Blackberries!

Get better soon!

Kaye said...

Hope you feel better soon! Look how tan Willow is!

Virtuous said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog Jo!

Your vacay looked nice despite you not feeling well. Hope things are getting better now!

Zonda said...

Bummer! Hope you are getting better!! Great pics!

Michelle said...

Sorry to hear your under the weather. Feel better soon!

cpurl17 said...

ugh, getting sick on vacation is the worst--but the photos are wonderful!!

wendy said...

So now that you know I look in on your blog, sure was good to see you again it has been years and Willow, what can I say so grown up. Enjoy the rest of your vacation on the Island

IrishgirlieKnits said...

Looks like a gorgeous place for vacation! Hope you are feeling better soon!