Sunday, March 07, 2010

Philadelphia Flower Show Recap: Part 1

I have been hestitating about posting my Philadelphia Flower Show pictures this year because, to be painfully honest, they were crap pictures. At the end of the day I had taken 158 pictures, and I was so excited to download them and see what I could put on the blog.  I downloaded them when we got home and was so disappointed in them I couldn't even look at them for a few days. I am not sure what happened - I had my camera set for indoor lighting (the show was in a big conference center and most exhibits had supplemental lighting), but anything more than 5 - 7 feet away turned out blurry.

Consider yourself forewarned... here are some of my pictures:


The theme of this year's show was 'Passport to the World' and participants covered all areas of the world and some made up places, too.





Yeah, whatever Mom. Take the picture.


This was just so weird I had to take a picture - the lilies were frozen in blocks of ice, and they were actively melting into a pool underneath.


One hell of a table setting

P2280464 P2280521

Orchids - the one thing I have no problem taking pictures of!


From the Thailand exhibit




The treehouse Willow wanted us to put in our backyard






And irises, oh my! Okay, I know that is not the typical shot of irises, but they were so clustered together that the effect from above was beautiful.

P2280507 P2280508

Mini-boxes - each of these scenes is built into a box that is only a foot square.


Papayas - I have to say, until that moment, I had no eartly clue how a papaya grows - now I know.

The pictures aren't all horrible - and I will post some more more tomorrow, but I was just expecting so much more. The show was fabulous and I was dazzled by all the colours and blooms and smells - it's just that I don't feel I captured it they way I wanted.


Mel R said...

Gorgeous! What a cool show!

Bezzie said...

I went to the NJ flower show last obviously wasn't as cool as Philly's, but I wish I had gone this year after seeing your pictures!

Zonda said...

Sorry about the ones that didn't come out. However, these are awesome pictures!!