Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy (Ahem!) Easter, Everyone

I am beginning this post with a PSA for all of you who have Easter-basket-bearing children.

When, after you have eaten a lovely Easter luncheon at your in-laws' house, you decide to go pick up some pansies to pretty up your garden - please remember to ask your child if she brought her Easter candy from Grandma's house home *before* you spend thirty minutes choosing pansies and azaleas, leaving the car locked up tight in the parking lot on a sunny, warm day. Why?


Happy decidedly does not look happy anymore. I am such a bad mommy for laughing my ass off to my child's distraught tears. We tried to placate her with Rita's Water Ice or ice cream at Sweet Lucy's, but they were both closed for the holiday. Happy is currently re-forming in the freezer.

Anyway - I have nicer pictures! It was a glorious Easter weekend here in Delaware. I spent much of this weekend with my hands in the dirt planting stuff, and the yard looks fantastic now. I love opening up my front door and smelling all the hyacinths in the front. Andrew and Willow wanted to go to the Brandywine Zoo yesterday, so we headed into the city, scrambled for a parking spot at Josephine Gardens, and took these lovely pictures:




Willow and I also took these pictures at one of the local shopping areas - there is a man-made pond that is a half-mile aroound with a walking path, and they have some pretty cherry trees planted arond it as well:




I love all the colours that burst out at this time of year - the grey sludge of worn-out winter is disappearing, and colour is everywhere. The grass is a bright green, my hyacinths purple, pink, and yellow, my daffodils every shade of yellow and orange you can imagine - but probably my favourite bit of colour from this weekend is my new azalea:


Isn't it pretty? It has red flowers and pink flowers coming off the same plant and they are all double flowers. Here's a close up:


My father-in-law gave me some advice on how to plant it, so this beauty is in its new home in the flower bed on the west side of my house. I can't wait to watch it bloom some more!

Happy Easter, everyone!


Bezzie said...

Ha ha! I had to show Chunky that picture--he thought it was pretty cool!

Batty said...

I now feel a bad person for laughing maniacally at Happy's misfortune. But... goodness, that's funny.

Lovely blossom pictures. What a beautiful day.

turtlegirl76 said...

Well, Happy started out hollow right? Boo. Now Happy is a solid bunny! YAY!

Teri in the Yukon where there is still snow on the ground. said...

And not about Happy either. About SPRING!!!!

Suna said...

Those trees were a real treat for me. We just don't have such a spectacular tree show in Texas (bluebonnets were good, though). And melted chocolate still tastes good!