Monday, April 19, 2010

SS United States

We went to IKEA on the weekend to buy a new table and chair set - an unsuccessful bid, but I wanted to show you the ocean liner that is anchored right across the street from IKEA:

USS United States A

It was funny - the first time we came here, all three of us are looked at the boat and said, "I wonder why this is here - it's so beat up. It must have a great story." And lo and behold - in the upper corner of the IKEA window, there is this little sign:

USS United States B

My Gram came across the Atlantic on a boat similar to this one when she came to Canada as a war bride - it is neat to see a connection to history like that. I have to wonder how many of my friends' grandparents and great-grandparents made similar journeys.


tara said...

My great grandparents came from Sweden and a great grandmother from England in such a boat.

Bezzie said...

That boat's really not that old. Kinda sad the way it looks fifty years older than it is!

My great grandparents on my mom's side came over like that. And my GGMA was knocked up. Ugh. Wouldn't want to do that trip!

Anonymous said...

Why would they scrap it? I hope they dont.