Wednesday, June 09, 2010

HOT-lanta, concluded

As promised, the funny beer:


Let's see if I can transcribe this correctly -

Weep for your Northern Brethren: Long winters, suspect college football, and perhaps worst of all, no Red Brick Beer. Since 1993, we've been brewing fine craft beers for the South, and only the South. We're proud to stand along grits, hound dogs, and Mama as embodiments of the Southern lifestyle. We're proud to be the beer from around here.

And, the scientific beer:


Maybe a better explanation, sans the beer:


My co-worker, Colin, asked his brother to look up a good place for us to have dinner in Atlanta, and he came up with Max Lager's. It was a absolutely phenomonal choice - I had the best ribe eye steak I have had in a looooong time and some of their homemade rootbeer. I loved how their beers were organized according to a periodic table. These must have been the in-season beers - because there was a larger periodic table on the wall with many other beers listed on it.

And when we were leaving, I spied a little bit of home -


Some Dogfish Head beer stacked up above the bar!

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Batty said...

Dogfish! Yup, instant "wow, home!" experience. Although they have this one beer I find absolutely revolting. I'll forget which one it is, have it again, then remember. But the rest of their stuff is OK.

The funny beer really is funny.