Wednesday, June 09, 2010

HOT-lanta, continued

(Sorry - work got the best of me. Funny how things explode when you are away for a few days.)

During the baseball game, the announcer made periodic references to a concert after the game. At first I thought that meant that everyone had to clear out of the stadium quickly after the game so they could set up for the concert - but then I noticed that some people had tickets that said, "Field Clearance." It turned out the there was a Beach Boys concert after the game, and if you had a ticket to the game you were welcome to stay for the concert. So, we stuck around in the blazing heat, willing the sun to go down enough so that we would finally be in the shade (I'm not kidding here - we kept turning around and counting the rows as the shade got closer and closer) and watched the roadies arrange the set.

Now, I have something to confess here. I have never been to a concert.

(crickets chirping)

Still with me? It isn't that I never had opportunities - I've even had tickets in hand for concerts - but invariably something happened and I wasn't able to go. So, I was a little bit amused that my first concert was going to be a free Beach Boys concert.

Oh my - the amusement quickly trailed away once they started singing. Firstly, only two of the people on the stage were Beach Boys... and secondly, it was so badly lip-synched that it was painful to watch. Someone a few rows back yelled out, "Turn on the lead singer's microphone!" (only it was a bit more expletive-filled). We stayed through a few more songs, hoping it would get better - but it didn't. We headed back to the car, got lost once again (Atlanta has a serious lack of coherent street signs) and returned to the hotel for dinner.

Next: The funny beer and the scientific beer

(Oh - and PS - the concert I would drop everything to attend? Foo Fighters. Dave Grohl absolutely does it for me.)


buttercup said...

Oh honey I'm with you on the Foo Fighters and Dave Grohl. He is brilliant, and cute. heh

kingshearte said...

I was all set to be jealous about your surprise Beach Boys concert, but I guess it was premature. Sorry it wasn't awesome.

Karen said...

I, too, was going to be jealous of the surprise concert. Oh well. I'm sorry that your first concert was a dud.

And really?!? Never?!? We gotta get you out more!