Monday, January 03, 2011

Confounded by the Math


I've been on a frantic tear to get Sprog's baby blanket finished - and I honestly thought I was going to finish it this weekend. But then I measured it.


Let me back up. I'm not using a pattern here - it's a simple checkerboard pattern - 4 rows by 4 stitches. The striping is unplanned - simply a by-product of the yarn. I have 40 squares across the bottom, so I figured if I did 40 rows of squares up, I would have a pretty much square blanket. Not so.

I finished the 40 rows of squares last night, measured the blanket, and came up with 40 inches in width, but only 25 inches in length. CRAP! I'm on my last skein of yarn, so the blanket is only going to be as long as this yarn holds up (I'm anticipating maybe 5 -7 more inches in length).



buttercup said...

Are you knitting or crocheting? It looks like knitting. In that case I think the baby forgot to let you remember that knit stitches are longer than wider, which I guess doesn't make sense either but may explain some of it.

If it's crochet... I guess it depends on the stitch, but that's as far as I can think right now.

Odie Langley said...

Jo you sure have lots more patience than I do. Hope it works out for you.

mom said...

That's about the right size for a 'pram' blankie.......
Love & Hugs

Discoknits said...

I believe that stitches are shorter than they are wide. Look on the gauge (hack!) on the ballband. I'll bet it has more rows high than stitches across to make that 4" "swatch" (double-hack!).
Gauge - it'll get you every time!!!
Can you get another ball of that yarn?