Sunday, January 09, 2011

Okay, Sprog - You Can Come Out Now

... Your blanket is done.

Sprog's blanket

As my Mom predicted, it is going to be more of a pram blanket than anything else because of its rectangular shape. I was hoping for something a bit more square, but the final measurements are about 30" by 40".

The Particulars:

Pattern: None in particular - it was a 4x4 checkerboard with 4 rows of border on each end and 4 stitches of garter selvedge on each side.

Yarn: Plymouth Encore Colorspun Worsted in Colorway 7711 (green, white, and yellow stripes), 4 skeins

Needles: Aero Size 8 circulars (24")

I'm really happy with how seamless the striping is on the blanket, especially since 4 skeins of yarn are involved. I'm really particular about things like that, and each time I pulled a bit out of each remaining skein to see which one would match up the best.

Here's a close up of the checkerboard:

Sprog's blanket close up

Whew! I was getting worried that Sprog wouldn't have a handknit by her Mama by the time she arrived - this is a big load off my back :) I have other things on the needles for Sprog, but I wanted to bring her home in her own blanket.


Kaye said...

Awwww! The coveted bringing home blanket. We brought home the boys in a blanket that Dr. MS was brought home in. Hee hee. It's an antique!
Maybe someday Sprog will bring home a Sproglette in this blanket!

Zonda said...

That is a beautiful blanket, so glad you had just enough yarn :)

Discoknits said...

Looks great Jo, nice and squooshy. The baby will be so cozy, thanks to mama :0) Hope you are feeling well.

turtlegirl76 said...

Yay for a finished blankie! It's fun, springy colors. Perfect for Sprog. =)