Saturday, February 19, 2011

Flight of the Cookie Dough Mansion

You know, if I dug through my photo albums, I could probably find a picture of our good friend Keith from 10+ years ago when we lived and taught English in Japan, but he probably wouldn't appreciate that very much...

My friend Keith is now a writer, and he has a children's book available on Amazon:

It had lights made of gumdrops, and beams of white chocolate.
It had two stripes of red hot bubble gum for doors, and windows framed in peppermint.
Its roof was made of cookie dough, and the walls were too.
It was a Cookie Dough Mansion.
And it was flying.


A magical adventure never tasted so good.

For children ages 5-7. Approximately 5,000 words. Please note there are no illustrations beyond the cover.

You can purchase the ebook at Amazon.


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