Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Snow Day Schoolwork Substitution

Willow and Piper watching Cleopatra:

Willow and Piper watching Cleopatra

Willow has a biography book report project this month, and she decided to do her report on Cleopatra. Willow is a nut for anything to do with ancient Egypt and Rome, so Cleopatra was right up her alley. We bought this Cleopatra biography and she zoomed through it.

Cue to about 10 days ago when the news about Elizabeth Taylor being very sick was on tv - Willow a bit scared at how this old lady looked in the pictures. I explained the Elizabeth Taylor had been a great beauty and that she had portrayed Cleopatra in an extravagant movie before I was born. Willow said she wanted to watch it - I warned her it was over 3 hours long, but that we would request it from Netflix. However, my Mom was flipping through the channels and saw (serependitiously enough) it was playing on Encore, so I recorded it.

We had another (!!!) snowstorm blow through last night, and received the 5:30am call that there was no school today. It worked out well - my Mom also flew back to BC today, so I was glad to have Willow help with Piper. Willow said she wanted to watch Cleopatra, so that is what has been on the TV all morning. I'm impressed that Willow is critiquing the movie - explaining things to me that were different in real life.

And, no - Piper wasn't actually watching the movie -


She was fast asleep.


Michelle said...

Sisters watching tv.... too cute!

Discoknits said...

What a great picture of the two of them together. I'm sure Piper will get a kick out of that when she's older :0)

Kaye said...

Hee hee, love that your Mom came in and left on a snowstorm!
I don't know how mom's of kids w/a few years or less apart do it. I love having Chunky as my back-up helper.

kingshearte said...

Uh-oh. Sounds like she might grow up and become my dad, who sat through Braveheart with an encyclopedia in his lap...

I imagine it's a bit beyond her at this point, but I understand that Stacey Schiff's bio of Cleopatra is excellent.