Tuesday, April 05, 2011

At Long Last - Tara's Package

I was starting to feel a little guilty here - my friend Tara had sent a package for Piper, and I hadn't blogged about it yet... despite the fact that we have been using the objects in said package already... Bad Jo!

I knew the package was coming - I mean, I hadn't seen the contents yet, but Tara had said she was sewing Piper a baby quilt to match the curtains that were already in Piper's room. So, when the package arrived, I was surprised to see much more than just a quilt in the box... and Tara was sneaky, because I have to finish something in there!

Here is the quilt:

Tara's Quilt for Piper

It's gorgeous, isn't it? We already have it on the bed in Piper's room (there is a bed and crib in her room).

A little background - the curtains in Piper's room were originally intended to be Willow's when we lived in the apartment. However, after I picked out the fabric (yellow and green stripes with pink roses) and Andrew's Mom made the curtains, we found out there was no way for us to hang them because the windows in the apartment were surrounded by metal under the plaster. So, my pretty pretty curtains went into storage. Three years later we moved into our present house, but Willow's bedroom has three windows, so once again we couldn't use the curtains - but we had this guest room... So, my mother-in-law shortened the curtains, and we hung them in the guest room, which has now morphed into Piper's room. I really like these curtains and since Piper was going to be a girl, I didn't see why I would have to change them.

There were also some potholders and a mini-mermaid in the package:


Here's a close up of the mermaid:


She is one of the few things that Piper has actually grasped and played with - I love how she has no buttons or anything else that could get ripped off and swallowed. There is also a cup-holder sleeve, but that is in use right now and didn't make it into the photo, as well as some monkey jammies!

And the to-do part? An apron! Here is a picture from Tara's blog. She left it unfinished so I could make the neck strap as long or as short I need it, and included a button and thread to sew it with. This is my goal for the weekend - get the apron finished so I can take a picture of it! I love aprons - I am notorious for spilling things on myself and consequently ruining clothes.

Thank you, Tara! I'm so sorry it has taken me so long to get the pictures up!


tara said...

I like to sew for you.
The narrow potholder is a mug rug. A 'hot' to do quilting project in the blogiverse. Everyone needs a mug rug. Think of it as a long coaster.
Glad you like the other bits and I hope the apron works out.

Bezzie said...

Oo! Very cute!!!!

Hee hee...matching curtains to a room? What is this you speak of?

Zonda said...

Beautiful quilt! Love the mermaid doll too :)

Michelle said...

Beautiful things. Way to go Tara. You make me miss sewing...

Discoknits said...

The quilt is beautiful and the mermaid is so cool and clever :0) I'll pop over to Tara's blog too - she's obviously a most excellent crafter :0)