Wednesday, April 20, 2011

WiP It Wednesday: The Little Sister Edition

I remembered! And it is even Wednesday!

This is what I am working on for Piper right now:


It is Little Sister's Dress (Rav Link) - appropriate, don't you think? The pattern is interesting - it actually calls for sock yarn, but so many people have taken liberties with it and used sport, dk, worsted yarn - and the pattern is forgiving. I'm making mine out of dk weight and it is the 3M size, but I think it will fit Piper closer to 9M.

And speaking of the intended recipient, I caught a cute picture of her today:


I wish I could say I was looking as cute - some pollen/tree/flower outside is not playing nice and my eyes are all itchy and red. I really don't know what I can take while nursing - anyone have any ideas?


Anonymous said...

She does look like her Auntie Jaime! Gorgeous shot, love the wide eyed Piper! Wouldn't it be funny if her eyes stayed blue people might think Willow and William are siblings and Hunter and Piper are! Love Jaime

Anonymous said...

Oh, by the way I saw the post The little sister dress and I got excited that you were knitting me something! Jaime

michelle said...

Great pic! Wide eyed and busy tailed..... She is growing so nicely.

Lisa/Girlinglasses said...

Hi Jo, you can take any antihistamine, like Reactine or Claratin! Feel better soon!