Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Joy of New Toys

So much for my wordless weekend - I took some cute pictures of Piper this afternoon and had to share them with everyone. We went to Babies R Us this morning, and came home with this mirror toy:


Piper was much enamored of the baby in the mirror - she kept inching forward to give the other baby kisses. Here is Piper looking up from the toy:


And laying down in one of her warm-weather onesies:


And she finally consented to sit in the Bumbo that Asami and Gara gave us - every time I had put her in there before she would start crying - but this time she was in a good mood and sat in it for a good 15 minutes before she started to get fussy.


15 minutes!! I had 15 minutes to do other things, but no... I didn't knit. I used that time to get dinner started in relative peace.


Lisa said...

I hadn't occurred to me to do tummy time using the breast feeding pillow like that. Great idea! Levi hates tummy time but that might help.

Discoknits said...

Great pics of Piper, she is adorable. I bought my oldest every toy in hopes he would be enamoured with just one and give me that 15 mins. Never happened! Now, the only 15 mins I get is when he has a new lego set :0)

Batty said...

She's such a happy baby!

Mel R said...

I love the mirror shot. Precious! And your boppy pillow is such an adorable print. Love it.