Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Letting Sleeping Babies Lie


Piper turned 16 weeks yesterday, and since she is coming up on 4 months on June 1st, her daycare teacher approached me about adding rice cereal to her diet.

I'm not ready.

I understanding the timing - most babies here get introduced to powdered cereals around 4 months of age - but I don't think Piper is terribly interested yet. She loves nursing, and already sleeps through the night, so there isn't this impetus to try and 'fill her up' so she will sleep longer. But that isn't what I mean by I'm not ready.

I remember when Willow was this age - I was so eager for her to try the cereal and move onto the next stage of her babyhood. I distinctly remember sitting on my in-laws' living room floor, and spooning the cereal into Willow's mouth, and cracking up at her confused face. She took to cereal quickly, and we were quickly off into the world of baby food.

I think what it is is that I know Piper is my last baby, and in my heart I am just not ready for her to move on to that next step. I love nursing her full-time, and while I know it won't last indefinitely, I do want it to last a bit longer. It's an easy decision right now - and perhaps if she were interested in food other than nursing I would be more conflicted.

So, we will hold off the cereal a bit longer. I'll revisit this in a month or so and see where she is. And in the meantime, just hold my sleeping baby close.


Bezzie said...

I was having the same thoughts about Mooch this weekend. LIttle bugger can get out of his crib. When Chunky learned that we went out and immediately bought him a bed. I don't want to with Mooch!!!

tara said...

You are the mama so go with your gut. I remember I couldn't wait for my first one to walk be potty trained...but with the others I wasn't in a hurry.

Discoknits said...

I think this is natural when you know this is your last baby. I didn't feel too much like that during his babyhood, but on Matthew's 1st day of Kindergarten, even *my* cold heart had a twinge of sadness. (I didn't enjoy the baby stage and couldn't wait for it all to be over, but now I am loving their schooldays stage).

kemtee said...

If she's not screaming for more food 24/7, then stick with what works. *She'll* tell you if she's hungry, not the daycare teacher.

[needs to smooch sleepy babyface]