Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Next Stop, Swimming Pool!

I love being in the water and swimming - and I can't wait until Piper is 6 months old and we can do the parent and tot swim classes at the Y. There is only one problem - non-toilet trained children must wear swim diapers while in the pool (and I completely understand why) but Piper is a skinny bean and commercial swim diapers start at 16 pounds. At this rate, Piper isn't going to fit those until she is over a year old! She is only about 11.5 pounds now. I started looking into washable swim diapers, and came up with two options from Mom's Milk Boutique.

First - the Applecheeks swim diaper:


Forgive the blurry pictures - she was windmilling away and it was hard to catch her still enough to do anything.

Second - the ImseVimse swim diaper:


I can tell you straight away that I like the AppleCheeks diaper better. Not only did it feel nicer, but it was obvious that it would have a snugger fit.

Elastic around the waist and thigh to keep out any errant poop:


Versus a waistband loose enough that I could get a few fingers in without even touching Piper's skin:


The obligatory babybum shots:



She was doing her damnedest to get up and crawling in that picture above. Anytime you put her on her tummy now she is wiggling, getting her head up and legs pulled into position.

The AppleCheeks diapers is more expensive than the ImseVimse ($18 vs. $14, if I remember correctly), but I think you are getting your money's worth. The AppleCheeks is a size 1 and is supposed to cover babies from 7 - 20 pounds, and they have three rows of adjustable snaps in the front so you can make the diaper tighter or looser as need be. The ImseVimse is a size small, and covers babies from 13 - 17 pounds. The reviews I read said the ImseVimse was supposed to feel like swimsuit fabric - but to me it is more like a cross between fabric and a plastic diaper cover. The AppleCheeks is 100% polyester, with a mesh lining on the inside. For the record, swim diapers, be they disposable or washable, are not supposed to hold in pee - only poops. Reading the reviews on Amazon and was very funny - all these indignant people who were outraged when their baby peed on them.

I have one last picture to leave you with. I was trying to catch a close up picture of Piper, so was snapping randomly whenever she looked at the camera. When I downloaded the pictures I came across this one and I laughed out loud.


Don't I look sinister? I didn't even realize I was in the picture! You can't tell me this kid's eyes aren't going to be light coloured - they may change to be green like my Mom's or aqua like Jaime's, but they sure aren't going to be hazel like mine!


Anonymous said...

I told you that she was my girl! I like the apple cheeks too~ they look real cute on Pipers hiney! Auntie Jaime

Mel R said...

Ah, such a cute little bum! LOL Those diapers are adorable, didn't even know you could get cloth swim diapers!

Michelle said...

Cute diapers. Wow, they have come a long way with diapers since my girls were little.

Discoknits said...

Aaww, look at her tiny tushy.

Lisaleh said...

My friend owns applecheeks! I'm going to send her a link to your blof