Thursday, June 23, 2011

Something New

I held it off as long as I could. As you may remember, last month I blogged about how I was loathe to start Piper on cereal and other foods, that I didn't think she was ready yet. Well, the time has come. It arrived with a combination of Piper being frantic hungry even after she had finished her bottles at daycare and how she became absolutely upset and angry if anyone ate their meal in front of her.

So, today was our first day of cereal.


To say she liked it is an understatement. There was no hesitation and she knew what she wanted right away. After a few bites she grabbed the spoon and told me she could do this all by herself.


Willow got in on the action as well. It was more like, "Is it my turn now? Is it my turn now? You promised I could feed her, too!"

Piper's First Cereal

Lucky is just happy there is someone new he can steal food from now.


Is it my turn now? Is it my turn now?


Discoknits said...

Last picture = hilarious :0)

Bezzie said...

Hahahahah! Lucky's stealing the show!

(Dontcha love that high chair? I wish they had those around when Chunky was a baby!)