Wednesday, September 07, 2011

WiP It Wednesday: Really, I Have Been Knitting

Admittedly, my knitting time has been extremely diminished between sick and teething baby, but it has been happening. I took the socks that I promised my friend Tara for winning Piper's birth date pool on vacation with me, and managed to get quite a bit of it done while in the passenger seat of my Mom's minivan:


And a close up:


Someone asked the last time I posted a picture of these socks in process if this was a feather and fan pattern - but no. The lace pattern creates interlocking diamonds. I have also been working on a project for a swap in my January 2011 Babies group on Ravelry, but since I haven't sent it to my partner yet (and it is late!) all I can show you is a odd close up of the pattern in front of the garment:


This is the first time I have knit anything in Knitpicks' Swish Superwash. I wanted to test it out on something small before I bought a whole bunch of it for a larger piece. I do like it - and I really like this dark teal colour I am knitting with for this present.

Lots of stuff has been happening on the Willow and Piper fronts as well - Here is Willow on her first day of Grade 4:


We did have some bus drama, however - on the first day of school the driver missed her stop on the route altogether (apparently missed about half of them and had to re-do the route three times...) and she didn't get to school until nearly 10am, and on the second day she was a half hour late... that afternoon there was an administrator riding along to make sure the driver hit all the stops.

As for Piper, she has mastered all sorts of things in the last two weeks, such as sitting up on her own:


Feeding herself:


And standing up using things as props:


But today was her second day of 100'F+ fever, and she spent chunks of her day sprawled out on the floor like this:


Hopefully the fever is gone tomorrow and things can start going back to normal around here. Well, as normal as things get for us.


Zonda said...

Poor Willow on her first few days of school! She's so pretty! Piper is mobile, watch out. Hope she feels better soon!

Discoknits said...

Jeez, those kids really get in the way of our knitting time! But they do make for cute pics, esp. the one of the cat kissing Piper's head ;0) Hope the drama ends for you soon.