Monday, January 02, 2012

A First Time For Everything


I suppose I should consider myself lucky that I've been knitting for nearly ten years and this had never happened before. I finally finished the project that was occupying my size 5 circulars, so I started on Tara's cream slouchy hat. The yarn is a lovely silk-merino blend, and I was happily and speedily knitting away while Willow and I watched 'Mysteries At The Museum' when I noticed that something was wonky.


See it? No? How about a close up:


For you non-knitters out there, this should not happen! I had created an unintentional moebius by accidentally twisting my stitches when I joined the hat in a ring. Piss piss piss. I had to pull it all out - but not before this happened (and please forgive my scream):

I was holding up the nascent and not-to-be hat to show Willow what I had done wrong and Piper grabbed the yarn. Piper is fascinated by my knitting, and is not happy when I say these are Mama's toys, not Piper's toys. Oh well. Tara - I'm sorry my child flossed her teeth with your hat.

(Oh - And forgive the living room - it doesn't get picked up until Piper goes to bed - it's a sisyphean task otherwise.)


Discoknits said...

That's one of my knitting nightmares. Fortunately, it hasn't happened yet, but I know it's coming, I knit SO many projects on circs. Urgh!

Batty said...

I've done it once, the dreaded twisted caston. I'm so sorry it didn't happen on a sock or other small project!