Sunday, May 27, 2012

In Which Ashley Spoils Me

I am participating in a yarn swap with some friends on Facebook, and my package arrived today - and I have to say that Ashley spoiled me!
Here is the contents of package:


From the top down there is: a Monkey project bag that Ashley sewed herself, some luscious blue fiber to spin, a skein of 50/50 superwash merino and silk sock yarn, a Purdy Easter bunny (that a West-Coaster would truly appreciate!), Roots mints, 2 Coffee Crisp bars (my favourite!), some book/pattern marker post-its, and a Lantern Moon turtle measuring tape.  Thank you!
I have to show you a close up of the Easter bunny - it's a totem pole:


Just look at the expression on the bunny's face - I love it!


For those of you not Canadian, Purdy's is a Canadian chocolate company - I think primarily on the West Coast.  Ashley had no idea I loved Purdy's chocolate!  I think I am going to lobby to have her be my swap partner for every swap.

And lastly, the bag the package all came in - I fogot to take a picture of this the first time around - it's from Roots (an iconic Canadian clothing store - which oddly enough, designed the American Olympic clothes for the last Winter Games).  I plan to use this as a lunch bag.


Thank you, thank you, Ashley!  You completely made my day.  I really hope my downstream partner likes my package as much as I like yours.

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