Friday, June 29, 2012

Beastly Hot (With A Side of Tomatoes)

It is beastly hot - and this kind of scares me since it is only June. What is it going to be like when the dog days of August set in? Today it is 97'F/36'C (and with the humidity factored in, it is 106'F/41'F). What do you do when it is beastly hot?

You go swimming!


I bought a little wading pool for Willow and Piper, but only filled it with a few inches of water because I wasn't sure how Piper was going to take to it.

Apparently I had nothing to worry about!


Willow and Piper playing - and you can see some of my tomatoes in background:


I have 7 tomato plants, all in containers. They are all supposed to be little tomatoes - grape, cherry, etc. Except for these ones - they came in a set that my mother-in-law bought me, but they are growing much larger than anticipated - about the size of large lemons:


And here are some of my cherry tomatoes:


And my grape tomatoes (sorry for the blurry pic!):


And some yellow cherry tomatoes:


As much as I feel sticky and uncomfortable in this weather, the heat and sun have made my tomato plants go gangbusters, and I foresee many tomato-inundated meals this summer!


tara said...

Look at that blond hair!
Its hot here too. Such a dry heat though, no humidity. Would be nice to gave a bit

mom said...

Canada Day Pics???? please???
Love & Hugs

Lifesastitch said...

I don't think we've hit 70 degrees here yet this year! Did get to experience your heat in 102 degree VT last week.