Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Coffee Creamer Experiment

Andrew and I both like our coffee hot, light, and sweet - and as a result, we go through lots of coffee creamer. Fat Free Coffee Mate French Vanilla, to be exact. And as a further result of using lots of coffee creamer, we run out of said coffee creamer, and usually at the most inopportune times.

Like earlier in the week when there was a rip-roaring thunderstorm at 5:30am, so I couldn't jump in the shower like I normally do. I went downstairs to make coffee, and Andrew took care of Piper. I brewed the coffee - our favourite is Starbuck's Yukon Blend in the french press. Yes, we really are coffee snobs. I went into the fridge to get the creamer and indulge in the best cup of coffee...

And There Is No Creamer.

The horror.

Andrew comes down with Piper, and I tell Andrew there is no creamer - and my husband - this will tell you how much he knows and loves me - hands me Piper and says, "Let me get my jeans on." He went out to ACME at 5:45am to get creamer in a thunderstorm.

Later that night I was on Pinterest and saw a pin that my sister Teri had posted for Vanilla ice cubes and wondered if you could freeze coffee creamer. I queried my friends on Facebook, and the general consensus was that it should be possible. So, I went rooting through my scary tupperware cupboard (really, don't ask - we're both happier that way) and found a silicone ice cube tray, and then filled it with creamer:


Yes, not your standard ice cube tray - it is actually intended to make long skinny ice cubes you can put in water bottles, but it was all I could find. We normally buy bags of ice. Here is the frozen coffee creamer the next morning:


It solidified - that was a good sign! Part of me wondered if it tasted like ice cream. Have you ever tasted just coffee creamer without the coffee? To me the french vanilla stuff kind of tastes like liquid marshmallows. Here is one of the frozen sticks melting in my coffee:


I ended up putting two sticks in - these are 16oz mugs - and it was perfect!


Me enjoying my coffee - so good!


The experiment was a success - I don't think the frozen creamer cooled down the coffee a great deal more than the refrigerated creamer did. I can't attest to how long the frozen creamer would last in a ziploc bag since I used mine up the next day, but I think I am going to do this from now on when I have little bits left in the creamer bottle (and hopefully save me some angst when I find out one morning that someone has put the empty creamer bottle back in the refrigerator!)

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Anonymous said...

You're too funny. Love the frozen creamer pics.