Thursday, July 26, 2012

Scary Summer Skies

I had to pick up Willow after a fieldtrip tonight, and after a hot, sunny day, it got dark in a hurry - as in about 15 minutes, starting around 7pm. Luckily, I had my new camera in my purse, so I started taking pictures of the skies as I was waiting for Willow with my shiny new red camera (Nikon Coolpix S4300).  You can still see the blue skies behind the clouds, and yes - the wind really was that loud!

I have to say I like the HD video, but it takes forever and a day to download. If anyone has any tips on that, I would appreciate it!

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Lifesastitch said...

I remember that kind of sky when I was visiting that area a couple of years back. Frightening.