Friday, July 15, 2005

Too tired - so happy it's Friday

Sorry to be so absent this week, but I was only in the office two of the last few days, having an off-site conference and a project management seminar in the middle of the week. My brain is tired... but apparently not tired enough to stop buying yarn and starting new projects...

Purchase #1

4 skeins of natural un-dyed worsted weight merino from Knitpicks. I'm going to play with some Koolaid and dye the yarn myself while I am on vacation at my parents' house. This blog might be the first my Mom is hearing about this... um, Mom - this okay with you? I just need a microwave-safe dish, the microwave, and the closeline. I'll bring everything else with me. I also bought some other yarn for a birthday present (the fiber, not the resulting garment) for a friend. I know she reads this, so I will detail it later. And, also 4 skeins of Knitpicks' Dancing in 'swing' (sort of a multi-green and pink colourway) to knit a layette for one of my many preggo or new mother friends.

Purchase #2

A set of dpns in US9 so I can finish my Manos hat. I've got this cool idea for a picture to showcase the hat, so I need to finish this up. A bag of baby 2 ply mill ends (Jamie? Teri? Don't laugh - I'm not naming my sisters here - those are actually some names of 2 ply baby yarn) in blush pink. I started working on a crocheted baby blanket for another one of said pre and/or post-natal amigos while watching the "Reefer Madness" musical on Showtime. I'm not using a pattern here - it's just basket weave crochet all the way.


I'm still working on my "Sweetness" pullover, but have a bone to pick with Lion Brand Homespun. I think the sweater is going to be lovely soft by the time I'm done... but the colours are going to be wonky. I triple-checked that my dye lots were all the same - and yet the third skein I started on had a more royal blue/purple stripe rather than a mauve/purple stripe. Design feature, I suppose. I'm not worried about it overly much because I see this as being a comfort garment, not high fashion. I think it is going to look great with a pair of jeans.

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mom said...

actually this is the second time I heard you were planning on a 'kool aid' dye job while you were here, so it's it's not too much of a shock!!