Saturday, August 27, 2005

A Case of Clap... Clapotis, that is

I just found out that in two weeks I will be going on a dinner cruise whilst on a business trip. Of course, my first panicked thought was that I have no clue what to wear to one of these things. I am a homebody, and I will be the absolute first to admit it. I had started a Clapotis (see it at ) while on Vancouver Island, but I decided the yarn I originally chose was better suited for a sweater for Willow, so I frogged it. After work yesterday I ran out to my LYS to get a small present for my SP5 person, and while there I picked up 3 skeins of Cascade Quattro to begin a clapotis. The yarn is neat - it is 4-ply, as implied by 'quattro' and each ply is a different colour. This particular colourway has one strand red, one strand mango-orange, one strand beige, and the last a rose pink. The cumulative effect is that the stole is turning out to be a strawberry red - and it is a very warm colour. I have one more round of the increase rows and then I begin on the straight rows this morning. I will post a picture once I have dropped a few stitches.

While buying the wool, I was undecided between the colourway I bought and a darker one that was burgundy/reddish. I held up the two on either side of my face and asked the owner and employees which one looked better on me. They all said the lighter one, and the owner said, "Oh, someone as young as you shouldn't be wearing dark colours like that." I was flattered, but this woman couldn't have been more than 20 years older than I am - and the differences between thirty-something and fifty-something are not as great as between 20 and 40. I couldn't sleep last night and I was thinking about this - there used to be a television series (thirtysomething) about my age group - affairs, children, job woes, divorce, etc. and at first I thought that was absurd - but then I thought about my circles of friends and co-workers and thought maybe the show isn't so far off after all.

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