Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Koolaid - So Cool!

Koolaid Obsession Posted by Picasa

As you know, my sister Teri and I had a ball dyeing wool with Koolaid while visiting my parents during our vacation... and this has spawned a new obsession... buying all the weird and wonderful Koolaid packages that I can find. I found these at Safeway last night - L to R:

  • Arctic Green Apple - a soft pale green colour
  • Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade - a bright sky blue colour
  • Changing Cherry Magic Twists - okay, this one is the dark horse.. the package says "green drink mix turn(s) into a blue drink" and both the green and blue on the package are dark colours

There was more, too - but I limited myself to buying only three...

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Ter-Bear said...

Joey, you little Koolaid Freak!! Now some of the ladies I work with want to try and dye some wool of their own too! I may have to put on an impromtu class this fall!