Monday, August 15, 2005


I need a finished object in the worst way, If someone looked at my blog right now, they would think that I specialized in swatches because that is all that shows in the last month or so. I'm not a sock knitter (although I have knit socks in the past and am fascinated by it) so that quick finished object avenue is out. I've seen the "One Skein Wonder" on many people's blogs - but frankly, a teeny tiny shrug over my fleshy shoulders would be just inviting negative comments - ditto for any knitted tank or camisole.

This is what is currently on the needles:

Knitty "Sweetness" pullover
- I'm only about 70% finished. Maybe about 5" more and I will be joining the sleeves to the body and it will be short work from there.

Manos de Uruguay hat
- So close to being finished it's not funny. I just need to switch the to DPNs and close up the hat. That may be my closer at tomorrow's SnB... that is if anyone shows up. I think everyone is on vacation.

Yellow fingering weight baby hat (AKA car project)
- Umm... I was working on this today while waiting in the doctor's office. I'd say this is about 60% finished.

Laptop Bag from the current IK issue
- Just started - maybe have finished 5" of it and it needs 44".

Pink Crocheted Baby Blanket
- Again, recently started and it is only about 5" wide - probably will be 36" in the end.

- I'm putting this last because I am going to frog her anyway - I'm not liking the way the wool is all wavering so I am going to take it apart and make Willow a sweater out of it instead.

So, does anyone have a quick cure for 'needfinishedobject-itis'?

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