Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Blame it on Ed

It's all his fault.


Now, I have to say I take exception to this. Just because I *know* a lot about alcohol doesn't mean I imbibe often.


I had to work from home today - Willow has had a snotty cold and cough the last few weeks and over-the-counter stuff had been keeping her somewhat less snotty... until last night, that is. Poor thing -she coughed until she vomited and I felt like the worst mother on earth because I couldn't give her any more cough medicine as I had dosed her only 2.5 hours before. She saw her pediatrician today and he diagnosed her as having a nasty sinus infection - which in turn caused the cough. We are now armed with antibiotics and high-test cough syrup. I feel bad, though - she missed out on the gingerbread house making activity in her kindergarten today.


Anonymous said...

You know what this means! You are going to have to make a gingerbread house with W... remember the nifty graham cracker style gingerbread house recipe mom sent earlier.....

Shan said...

Ha! I got 91% too. Indicative of nothing...notwithstanding the post I just put up today.

Beverly said...

I'm not a big drinker either, but somehow got 95%. Scary.

mom said...

I know you anonymous!! I hope W does - I wonder if I should resend the pic to W???
Love & Hugs